5 essential features of a wholesale distribution software

Before developing wholesale distribution software, the developer needs to understand the different processes involved and operational changes required. Here are the top features of wholesale distribution software:


Proper billing methods must exist. There must be calculations for outstanding balances, last rate, last date of billing, credit rate, discount offered in the bill, etc. So, it is necessary to follow the purchase order. The speed of the billing process is enhanced with this software.

Bulk SMS

This software can be used to send bulk SMS to all the customers at the same time. You can inform about the arrival of products quickly so that they can come and collect their goods.

Auto supplier feature

With this, you can compile a whole list of debit notes. Different features of purchase orders are properly maintained to get error free results.

Generate reports

With this software, you can generate reports easily. You can analyze data from various sources and produce reports to help in decision making.

Monitor accounting facilities

The software lets you view all the accounting facilities from the starting stage to the final stage.

Inventory management has become very comfortable with this software. Various reports generated provide status of order, sales, etc. The software works in compliance with the rules and regulations set by the industry. This helps them avoid penalties. It also helps the company to provide protection against malpractice in the company. By monitoring activities at regular check points, you will be able to avoid the losses in expiry dates to avoid loss in the income.

3 kinds of production planning software for small businesses

Manufacturing companies can use production planning software to make their operations more efficient and competitive. Some of this software are built-in, whereas, others are specialized software that needs to be ordered from specialized software providers. Here are the various kinds of production planning software available in the market.

Spreadsheet based software


This type of software includes Excel, Google Documents, or Open Office. This software is used by 30% of small businesses in the U.S. It is readily available, and the cost is negligent. This software is very easy to use. As Macros programming is utilized, it is possible to code additional functionality.

Custom made software


This software is developed in-house. The reliability and productivity of the planning department of a company can be improved using this software. The company can have full control of the software.

Specialized software


This software offers the best of both the worlds. It provides the production planning features of a small business, at the same time, the software is fast and reliable. Multiple people can work simultaneously can work with this software simultaneously.

The production planning software is affordable. Many software providers provide specialized production planning software for small businesses. They often provide a trial period to test the software. This helps the businesses know whether the software is the right choice for them. If you are satisfied, you can purchase the software to make your production planning processes more efficient.

5 benefits of using logistics software in a transport industry

A good logistics software will reduce the manual entry of processing freight shipments and others. The software will provide real-time updates of freight information and automatic notifications. Here are the five key benefits of logistics software.

Decrease in the percentage of errors

The software provides integration to the goods through the ERP system. So, you can access your address book. You will have automatic storage and entry of fuel surcharges. There is no way you can get this information wrong. Manual data entry errors can lead to higher shipping costs.

Choice of transportation mode and real-time rates of freight

The transportation costs are increasing. A good logistics software will be able to execute policies and provide immediate companies savings opportunity. Vendors can get access to real-time market rates. Using the software, you can make important decisions for a particular shipment depending on the cost, insurance and transit time.

Get access to real-time freight data

You will be able to run several reports based on the real-time freight data that you get from the software. You can make various business decisions by analyzing these data.


Better customer service

Features like real-time freight tracking, insurance, auto pick-up, etc. will make customers happy. You and your customers will be empowered to know the latest freight cost and time of arrival.

Stability and speed

If you have this software, then you won’t need to worry about managing your logistics. The software is scalable and quick. You can include new users anytime in the software.

With logistics software, you will be able to have control over freight costs, freight management, and other aspects. It will help you to run the department fast and smoothly.