5 essential features of a wholesale distribution software

Before developing wholesale distribution software, the developer needs to understand the different processes involved and operational changes required. Here are the top features of wholesale distribution software:


Proper billing methods must exist. There must be calculations for outstanding balances, last rate, last date of billing, credit rate, discount offered in the bill, etc. So, it is necessary to follow the purchase order. The speed of the billing process is enhanced with this software.

Bulk SMS

This software can be used to send bulk SMS to all the customers at the same time. You can inform about the arrival of products quickly so that they can come and collect their goods.

Auto supplier feature

With this, you can compile a whole list of debit notes. Different features of purchase orders are properly maintained to get error free results.

Generate reports

With this software, you can generate reports easily. You can analyze data from various sources and produce reports to help in decision making.

Monitor accounting facilities

The software lets you view all the accounting facilities from the starting stage to the final stage.

Inventory management has become very comfortable with this software. Various reports generated provide status of order, sales, etc. The software works in compliance with the rules and regulations set by the industry. This helps them avoid penalties. It also helps the company to provide protection against malpractice in the company. By monitoring activities at regular check points, you will be able to avoid the losses in expiry dates to avoid loss in the income.